"I’m pretty obsessed with hands, I think the essence of being violent starts from there. If you cut off hands to a man he is no more dangerous and his violent instinct stops beating. The hands are like an extension of his penis and cut them it’s like a castration.”

Nicolas Winding Refn

the black sisters | wartime

I know you look at me and see another dead girl.


Droid #259

"Speak softly and carry a big stick"*

I’ve had the idea of drawing a really technical, kind of accurate gun being held in a droid’s hand for quite a while. Finally for around to it.

Think I prefer the line version, before I attacked it with my Copic Markers. What do you think?

*Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy.


The women of Hannibal

The most core wants that their characters have. Because people, in accusations of sexism, homophobia or racism have taken these away from them, made their story lines about their bodies and not about their minds and personalities.

I know you look at me and see another dead girl.


Karen the Beautiful: 7 of ?

Anonymous: can you recommend indie movies


  • raiders of the lost ark
  • the last crusade

you can skip temple of doom and crystal skull

a song of ice and fire - fake book covers (click for better resolution)