Anonymous: why is your avatar of two girls kissing if you're straight? it's rotten that you'd fetishize gay couples like that.

Well, easy answer, I’m not straight. I’m bisexual. Not sure if you follow me or not, but if you do, it’d be hard to miss. (If not, I’m confused as to why you’d even send this, but whatever.)

So, there’s no fetishizing happening. Yes, I’m in a longterm relationship with a man. I’m still attracted to women, experience homophobia (though, yes, since dating a man and not a woman, the daily homophobic interactions I have are much less frequent), and biphobia. Who I date does not dictate my sexuality. 

It’s sad that you’d look at somebody and taking only your knowledge of who they are dating, assume that they’re straight to the point that you’d send a message like this. I don’t need to justify my inclusion in the LGBT community to you or anybody else, but it’s really obnoxious after all of the (sometimes violent) homophobia I experienced while openly dating women to have people assume that because I’m dating a man and have an icon of two women kissing that I’m a straight person fetishizing gay couples, instead of somebody who is in the LGBT community themselves. 

On a site where there are thousands of people truly, grossly fetishizing gay relationships in their fandoms, it’s frankly hilarious that you’d come at me over this. 


"You better lock me up. And I don’t want any trial. I won’t stop, I will keep trying. I’ll keep at it, I will. I did my job, sir. And I have done my job for two years now. Every day I sent people out to fight. I cleared them all to die. So many people… I just got tired of living with that. You ask that man if you had to choose between giving his life up for a Cylon or a human, what do you think he’d say? I had to do something."

Dondarrion kissed her and brought her back to life and now she cannot die

Moving is like 45% packing, 10% finding things you thought you’d lost, and 45% sitting on the couch, eating leftover chocolate ganache with a spoon, watching Jerry Springer


Debbie Harry near the Hollywood sign, ca.1977.


color palette project: sansa and arya + 6


This will be one of the photos that will be used and admired 30 years from now.



Photo: Mike Incitti

Um, you should know, that’s not singing, it’s just yelling… [ x ]