Being chronically ill/in chronic pain, the threshold at which my body quits is lower than most people… so my absolute favorite physical sensation is feeling like my body is on the absolute edge of quitting, of folding beneath me in protest—and then somehow finding that little bit of strength to push a little harder, a little longer, climbing myself like a mountain to stand breathless at the top, triumphant. 

And in those moments, I truly feel like I’m heartier than the unencumbered, because I have more to push against; I can feel, for an instant, that all of this bullshit isn’t a curse but a blessing, the thing that doesn’t kill me but makes me so much frighteningly stronger. 


0810; edinburgh, outtakes



buccaneer asked: & for you i'd pick A JAEGER SLEEVE OBVIOUSLY. because in this reality you're a pilot with your own goddamn robot and that's so metal it deserves to be commemorated on your skin.

theletterdee asked: I'm thinking a cat with a spiked collar with maybeeeee "unbowed, unbent, unbroken" underneath it?


mosymoseys asked: my face. just literally tattoo my face on you. i'm the worst. i'm sorry.

You’re gonna laugh so hard when I actually do this.

If you had to suggest a Tattoo for me based on what you know of me from my blog, what would it be?


you: david duchovny 1994 photoshoot

me: gillian anderson 2013 photoshoot


a spirit that preys on the insecurities of young girls. on approaching one, it whispers venomously backhanded compliments, and delivers unneeded, often damaging advice in order to undermine the girl’s confidence and control her so that she may be devoured easily by the spirit.

the best way to ward it off is to appear unfazed by its insidious manipulations and stare directly into its great, luminous eyes until it gets uncomfortable and leaves.

my urge to to draw monsters and the sheer, uncomfortable quantity of images on my dashboard of a certain pair of terrifyingly wide blue eyes collided iN AN INSPIRINGLY HORRIBLE WAY I AM REALLY SORRY